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Home Services LP

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About Us

Home Services is our way of providing a FREE value added service to all the Realtors®, buyers and sellers in our London Properties family.

Over the years, when needing home repairs or maintenance, our clients have frequently asked us, who should we call? Who can we depend on? Where can we get quality services at a great price?

With over 40 years of experience selling and building some of Fresno’s finest homes, London Properties and our 400 plus Sales Professionals have become acquainted with literally thousands of contractors and service providers, some good, some not so good.

By trial and error, we have accumulated a collection of folks that we believe provide excellent service at fair prices. Home Services LP started with this initial list.

We have asked all selected contractors and service providers to join us in providing a central resource directory to help our clients find the services they need quickly and easily. We’ve also asked them to provide a special discount coupon as a way of saying “Thank You” to London Properties clients who use their services.

We are proud to have gathered these contractors and service providers together under our one stop Home Services LP.

Other than disclosed herein, we have no interest in or control over Home Services members, we sincerely believe those represented here will prove to be valuable assistance to you. Please call them direct for any services you require and please keep us posted of the results of your experience.

Best wishes for years and years of happy, trouble free homeownership and don’t forget when the time comes to sell, call for an exceptional sales experience the London Properties preferred client hotline at 436-4070 or email us at info@londonproperties.com.

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