Home Services LP

Home Services LP

"We Guarantee Real Estate Excellence"


Choose the highest quality of professionals to work with! -Quality -Integrity -Productivity

Home Services is our way of providing a FREE value added service to all the Realtors®, buyers and sellers in our London Properties family.

Over the years, when needing home repairs or maintenance, we have frequently been asked; who should we call? Who can we depend on? Though London Properties Ltd, "London", its officers, employees and agents make no representation, warranty, promise or guarantee regarding the qualifications, license status, insurance coverage, financial solvency, reliability or performance of the companies, individual contractors or service providers ("Providers") appearing on this site, each is a Provider that, in the past, have proven to deliver great service.

Before employing or contracting with any Provider, users of this site are advised to verify that each Provider is properly insured and, if applicable, currently licensed and bonded.

To help check on vendors license history or status, you may want to contact the California State Contractors License Board

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